Obesity and overweight

As 21st century humans living in a society that has been dealing with obesity for as long as some of us can remember, we are constantly being reminded of the benefits of exercise and told that it is the only path to a completely healthy lifestyle. However, such commendations do not bode well for people with specific conditions and disabilities that make simple activities like running impossible. It is for this particular reason that scientists have recently been looking into the inner workings of exercise and its effects on the body.

A study that was published in the Cell Metabolism journal has engineered a drug that can replicate the benefits of an intense workout in mice without any of the physical effort. After 8 weeks of treatment with this drug, the mice were able to run for 70 percent more distance than those without the treatment.

The research leading to this pill initially looked at understanding how natural endurance enhancement works. Basically analyzing the effects of exercise on the body internally. A gene pathway was found as a result of this analysis that prevented sugar from being consumed during exercise and caused the muscles to directly burn fat. So the scientists simply created a drug that activates that pathway. This made the mice very good runners and gave them high resistance to weight gain.

It goes without saying that the results being successful on mice does not mean that the pill will also work on humans, however, the drug in question is currently being sold on the black market and promoted as a performance enhancer. This means that there’s already a promising ground for potential human trials.

The researchers that led the study suggested that the pill could potentially help people with obesity or diabetes to overcome their inability to run to lose weight. They’re also hoping to use it to improve a patient’s physical condition following a surgery or paralysis.